Sports and charging

Visitors may choose from various relaxation, leisure time and sports activities at one of Hungary's most popular holiday resorts.

Fans of sports, trekking and biking may find potential opportunities just as well as those being fans of lying on the beach, water sports and relaxation.

Nearly every weekend offers some festivals at lake Balaton. Besides cultural, musical, gastronomic, children, sports and art festivals, there are lots of gastronomic and traditionalist festivals widening the choices. The festival organizers try to fulfil the requirements of all age groups. Summer festivals are well completed by other programs and culinary events of the main season.

You may start windsurfing at lake Balaton at the Siófok-Sóstó Beach Camping site where there is a special Surfbeach where you don't have to walk hundreds of meters to reach deep water, but you may find also shallow water for beginners to practise individually at the same time. 

Balaton lakeside beaches are also perfect for playing badminton, volleyball, basketball or football. Thanks to the Move Balaton! program 40 beaches of 34 lakeside towns were equipped with sports facilities both at the beaches and in the water which are free to use. 

We may find fields for badminton, volleyball, football, handball, basketball and furthermore, some beaches had also established nets and rings in the water for these sports.